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Masala Chai

More than just

an amazing taste

Straight from the colourful streets of india

The aromas of authentic Masala Chai can be found on every Indian street corner. Chalo brings that authenticity to your fingertips, wherever you may roam. Life can get crazy, so we’ve made sure Chalo fits into your fast-paced world.

Consistently delicious
100% vegan
Minimum of caffeine
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Start spoiling your customers

Serve the flavours of Chalo in your coffee shop, store, restaurant… Let’s spread the love for chai! Create an account to manage your orders.

“One of our favourite
drinks on our menu is
the dirty chai latte,
a normal chai topped
off with a shot of
espresso. So tasty!”
Owner of Ooja coffee bar
Chalo Discovery Box
Find the flavour you’ll drink for
the rest of your life

Unleash your taste buds! Dive into a discovery box of tantalising flavours and find your perfect mix.

For the love
For the love
Chalo’s recipe booklet
Sparking change

with every chai you drink

Chalo is all about empowering you to make a difference. Our belief in the relentless force of deliberate choices drives us. In our unyielding quest for authentic flavours, we forge direct links with sustainable Indian farms, bypassing the middlemen. Equity is our anthem, packaging a bare minimum.

Collaborating with unconventional spaces like social workshops and penitentiaries, we embrace inclusivity in its purest form. With every sip of Chalo, you defy the ordinary, funding communities, sculpting education for the young, and amplifying the voices of local women. Your rebellion, one cup at a time.

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