Cherry chai oatmeal cookies

They’re crispy, tender, buttery oatmeal cookies filled with our Chalo Cherry chai jam and pumpkin seeds.

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Cherry Chai jam

This simple, soft-set Cherry Jam is made with just 4 ingredients and will leave you wanting more. It tastes out of this world good, with a yummy hint of Masala chai! Perfect way…

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Golden Cranberry Pistachio truffles

These white chocolate truffles are super cute and an all-day, everyday kind-of dessert if you like a no-bake option. Adorable little golden truffles speckled with pieces of bright…

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Mini Blueberry Iced Chai Galettes

These Mini Blueberry Iced Chai Galettes are perfect for a quick dessert. Gooey little galettes filled with a tart, scrumptious blueberry filling. They’re perfectly crisp, flaky,…

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Lemongrass Chai affogato with Coconut ice cream

Affogato, hmmm, a delicious dessert where you drown your favourite ice cream in espresso. One of Italy's most incredible desserts. We've made it a touch more exotic with an…

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Oh no, another load of overripe bananas, now what? Well, a slice of tasty banana bread is always a good solution! This quick and easy recipe will leave you craving for more and…

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Chalo’s Strawberry Bellini

Drinks like mimosas and bellinis are also great when you want something with less alcohol but still a little fancy-feeling later in the day. This strawberry bellini, also called a…

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The Chalo Ziggy

Want to add pizazz to classic cocktails? Easy – give them a blueberry iced chai twist. It’s never too early in the week for these delicious drinks.

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Vanilla Chai White Russian

Cold summer nights will never have felt hotter with this delicious White Russian in your hand. For whatever reason, this seems more like an after-dinner kind of drink, but…

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Brothy borlotti bean salad with sundried tomatoes

Get brothy and sunny with this delicious bean salad with sundried tomatoes. There is often so little time to get dinner on the table, and that's when a healthy side like this…

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