Cardamon Banana Powercookies


Cardamon Banana Powercookies

These Chalo Cardamom chai cookies only contain good things. They will give you loads of energy, you will be unstoppable.


1 ripe banana

30 g chia seeds

25 ml vegetal milk

70 g oatmeal

15 g sesame

2 scoops of Chalo Cardamom Chai Latte premix

30 g hazelnuts - decoration

Cardamon Banana Powercookies


1  Preheat the oven to 175 degrees.2  Let the oatmeal and chia seeds swell in the vegetal milk.3  Crush the banana and add it to the mixture.4  Mix the Cardamom instant powder with boiling water and add it to the mixture.5  Put baking paper on your baking sheet or use a silicone mat and make small round cookies with the mixture. Make sure that they are not too thick, this way your cookie will be crisy and delicious.6  Add hazelnuts for decoration.7  Leave everything in the oven baking for 20 min at 175 degrees.Eat this before going to the gym as a power bomb or as breakfast-on-the-go.