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Our entire Chai range is based on black tea. As you know, tea also contains caffeine, only it is called differently namely theine.
The amount of theine varies by tea variety, with black tea, for example, containing twice as much theine as green tea.

Analysis results (conducted by an accredited lab) have shown that our Chai’s contain around 17mg/100ml of caffeine.
However, you only need 1 scoop (or 12g) of instant chai powder to prepare a delicious cup of Chai Latte, which means you only get 2mg of caffeine per cup of Chai. For a cup of coffee, this is about 40mg / 100ml and for Red Bull 44mg / 100ml.

  1. Take 1 scoop of Chalo Chai Latte and put it in a trendy mug.
  2. Add 10 cl of hot water and stir.
  3. Now add 5 cl milk of your preference.
  4. Hasty Chalitos are better off with non-refrigerated milk. For others, we recommend heating the milk for a while or going for a frothed version….
  5. Sweet cakes finish with a touch of cinnamon, spicy Chalitos use black pepper.
  6. Want it less spicy? Reverse the recipe and use more milk than water!
  7. Enjoy your favo #huginamug!

Sugar content and calories depend on the chai in question.

Sugar/ 100gr powder Kcal/ 100gr powder Kcal/ 12gr powder
(1 serving)

Masala 83gr 394 Kcal 47.28
Chini Masala 75.4gr 397 Kcal 47.64
Turmeric (Golden Chai) 87,1gr 380 Kcal 45,6
Vanilla 84gr 391 Kcal 46,92
Cardamom 89gr 395 Kcal 47,4
Lemongrass 89gr 392 Kcal 47,04

Yes, we have! We are proud to offer a solution for all our customers. To do this, we have launched a range of Organic Pure Leaf Chai’s that are sugar-free. These Chalo brewing chais are completely sugar-free, dairy-free and 100% organic.


As we do not believe in flavour enhancers or unnecessary preservatives, we work exclusively with natural ingredients, namely extract of Indian black tea from Indian region of Assam (against the mountains, located next to the better-known Darjeeling) and the extracts of authentically grown typical Indian spices.


You can find all the ingredients of our products on their specific product page. Here is a small list of all our bestsellers.


  • MASALA – Sugar, black tea extract (12%), maltodextrin, masala extract (4%).
  • CHINI MASALA (MINOR SUIKER) – Sugar, black tea extract (14%), maltodextrin, masala extract (2%).
  • VANILLA – Sugar, black tea extract (11%), maltodextrin, vanilla extract (4%).
  • MASALA FT. JAGGERY – Jaggery, black tea extract (8.2%), maltodextrin, masala extract (1.1%).
  • KARDEMOM – Sugar, black tea extract (11%), maltodextrin, cardamom extract (5%).


  • TURMERIC SLOW CHAI – Turmeric*, Black pepper*, Ginger*, Black Assam tea*. All from organic origin.
  • MASALA SLOW CHAI – Cinnamon, Black pepper, Cardamom, Ginger, Black Assam tea. All from organic origin.

All orders are processed within 1-5 working days and delivery times depend on your location. Orders will not be shipped or delivered on weekends or public holidays. You can find all our shipping destinations in our shipping policy.


The shipping costs for your order will be calculated and displayed at checkout. An overview of the current shipping rates and when free shipping starts can be found in the shipping policy.


Once your order has been shipped, you will receive a shipment confirmation e-mail with your tracking number(s). The tracking number will be active within 24 hours.


Chalo Company BV is not liable for products damaged or lost during shipping. If you have received your order damaged, please contact the carrier to make a claim. Did you receive a damaged package (due to transport)? If so, please contact within 7 days of receiving your package.

It is important to provide sufficient evidence:

  • Undo photos of the damaged products
  • Undone photos of the original packaging (cardboard box) and contents
  • Photo of the corresponding B-post label found on the packaging

If the above evidence can be sent to Chalo Company, we will try to offer compensation accordingly.