CHALO has eight different product lines. Each line is the perfect match for a specific lifestyle! Are you living the fast life and never have time to sit & eat? Never leave your house without our funky chunks! Looking for the drink that's low in caffeine but still gives you the necessary boost to get to your day? Go all the way with our award-winning chai!

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Welcome to our Chalo-tribe! We look forward to sharing ideas, building long-term partnerships and spreading the Chalo-love together. No limits, no boundaries, we go all the way!


CHALO wants to honour the traditional Indian Chai legacy by offering the world, the authentic recipe in a convenient, consistent and affordable solution respecting the story of its creators.

CHALO is proud of being an all-natural, premium brand with a 100% vegan product range, striving to be a market leader in healthy food.


On my 30th I finally returned to my birth country, India. During volunteering, I discovered an extraordinary & spicy drink, Indian Chai Latte. Back home, I wanted to share my love for the beauty of Indian culture, its people & the true hug in a mug and so CHALO was born.


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