Chai Latte

Chai Latte is a traditional Indian drink of black tea, a mix of cool spices, a dash of sugar & a splash of milk! We've developed 5 funky flavors containing a variety of spices and above all, they taste de-li-cious! There is no milk in the Chalo Chai Latte's so you're able to use the milk of your very own preference: skinny, fatty, dairy, vegany, cowy, horsey, ricy, soy-y, coconutty,.. Whichever kind of milk you would like or are able to dream about!


Not up for it yet? Expect our Chai Latte to taste spicy, sweet, soft and strong at the same time! Just taste it, it'll be worth it!


to chai

Take 1 flat scoop of Chalo Chai Latte and put it in a trendy mug.

Add 17 cl of hot water and stir.

Now add 8cl of milk of your preference.

Hasty Chalito's are better off using non-chilled milk. The others, we advise to heat the milk for a short while or go for a foamed version...

Sweety pies finish with a cinnamon touch, spicy Chalito's use black pepper.

Want it less spice? Reverse the recipe and use more milk than water!

Enjoy your Hug in a Mug!


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