Organic DIY Granola kit


An organic DIY Granola with ingredients straight from the source, all organic and all sourced with…

Organic Superfood Package – 7 funky superfoods


Chalo presents her ultimate organic Superfoods kit! Going all the way - with 7 top quality…

Organic Cacao Nibs


Cacao nibs are the perfect additions to your day. A nutty flavor, low in sugar and full of fibers!…

Organic Chia Seeds


Chia is the ancient Maya word for strength, referring to their ability to provide sustainable…

organic almonds

Organic Almonds


The Chalo almonds are high in healthy, unsaturated fats, fiber & protein. Usually malleable in…

Organic Cashew nuts

Organic Cashew Nuts


Like most nuts, cashews may also help improve your overall health. And...because of their creamy…

Organic Diced Figs


Sweet mild flavor , with endless application options, the Chalo Diced Figs are a great alternative…

Organic nutmix

Organic Nutmix


A perfect blend of all your favorite nuts. Chalo mixed cashew nuts, almonds and walnuts for a…

Organic Sunflower Seeds


Perfect to snack raw, as a topping for yogurts or as an ingredient for granolas and bread. The…

Organic Golden Flaxseeds


Ideal on fruit, porridge, and cereals in a grounded way.