In 2010, our founder who was adopted from India decided that it was time to put aside the excuses and finally visit her native country. She did not want to start a journey as a backpack tourist or a search for her biological parents, but went to Calcutta to volunteer for 3 weeks with the Missionaries of Charity. During this unique experience in this very special place, she found her daily cup of comfort in this delicious drink. Back in Belgium, she could not find the drink for sale anywhere at home and only very rarely order it in a coffee bar. When she found that the Chai Starbucks has Chai Tea Latte on the map worldwide, the business idea was born.

The world-famous Chai Latte recipe comes from India where the Chai Wallahs (literally tea maker) pour the black tea into warm milk with a spice mixture of cardamom, cinnamon and ginger. When the Chaiwallah stirs the drink in his stall after pouring it, bystanders and waiting customers shout: “Chalo!” which means let's go, we need to move forward. Because the word sounds familiar and the meaning symbolizes what the founder stands for, this name has been chosen as the brand name for the Chai Latte range.

Chai latte



Chalo brings you a variety of  Hug in a Mug Chai and Funky Feel Good Food-products. We want to honour the traditional Indian Chai legacy by offering the world, the authentic chai recipe in a convenient, consistent and affordable solution respecting the story of its creators.

A little badass is what Chalo’s Guilty & Proud line is all about! Discover your favourite bold taste in our range of award-winning chai latte and funky chunks!

Happy makes Healthy and Healthy makes happy. In our Happy & Healthy line, you can find alternatives for unhealthy snacking & bad staple foods with a low threshold and in a not smart-assy way.


In the long term, CHALO wants to become the market leader in healthy food products for both catering and home consumption. Conquering the world with their award-winning chai and brand new assortment of Funky Feel-Good food, healthy snacks and iced chai’s.

CHALO is proud of being an all-natural, premium brand with a 100% vegan product range, looking to expand their organic assortment all over their product lines. In the future, Chalo wants to focus even more on becoming fair and sustainable. This, by supporting projects for women, and young children working in tea plantations in India. Chalo wants to create their own project, supporting women empowerment through education in these tea plantations.

CHALO brings its products to the consumer through a network of trendy coffee shops and specialist food shops, and appeals to a wider audience. The ambition is to add healthy varieties and surprising flavors to the range. They make this possible by thinking together with their customers as a partner and closely monitoring the food market. By working together and connecting with customers they want to build their own CHALO-tribe, carrying the same values as the company itself.

Through the Chalo-tribe and the constant addition of products, CHALO lives by the words ‘sharing is caring’. CHALO’s products are created to share, generating a funky feel-good experience with friends and loved ones. The funky chunks for example all contain 4 chunks instead of one bar and who doesn’t love sharing a moment with your friends and your favorite chai.

Finally, the founders hope that a good positioning of this product can ensure that the image of Indian society can become more optimistic, for example by highlighting that the group of women in better positions in Indian business is growing.