INTERNSHIP VACANCY B-CORP – Certification Analysis B-Corp

Chalo is ready is to serve her award winning chai to the specialty coffee scene worldwide, in 2024 we are about to go all-in, make our way into the major league!

Our customers and the barista in the hip and happening smartassy Specialty Coffee scene worldwide are very conscious about seeing our values of natural, fair and sustainable declared clearly into the mission statement and operational implementation of this strategy, we will go all-in to convince them that we are not just greenwashing but we are walking the talk!

Chalo would like to engage an Internal Entrepreneurship intern who is able to research the requirements, the feasibility and the timeline in becoming a B Corp certified company.

The draft research question could be – what will the certifying procedure entail to certify Chalo Company  as a B Corp certified organization in an affordable, pragmatical and fast way?

Which pre-certifying body could be Chalo partner up with to achieve this certification in the optimal and affordable way and what about the necessity in partnering up in the first place?

How will Chalo Company need to formulate and control the B Corp requirements within its local partnerships worldwide?

Which Chalo and therefor Chalo Products communications need to be adapted and which way in order to comply with the B-Corp certification requirements and which costs will this entail?  What would be the good way to adapt  them in terms  in terms of jargon, tone of voice and look and feel?

How will you be able to make sure that Chalo is able to certify as a B Corp certified corporation?

Will you be the ginger to our masala in certifying as a B Corp Certified Company in 2023?

Please let us know and make sure you bring all your energy, endurance and stubbornness to the table; cause this one is the one important nut to crack in 2024!

Are you interested? Please fill out the Chalo Internship Application here and we will contact you soon!

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