Belgian tea CHALO wins award at international coffee fair: "It's not the caffeine but the spices that gives an energy boost".

MELSELE – The company CHALO from Melsele, distributor of traditional Indian Chai Latte, has won prizes at the world’s most prestigious trade fair for coffee. It did so with a variant with lemon and ginger that is served cold as Iced Tea. Today CHALO is already present in 30 countries, but inspirer Gita Vanden Boer (42) hopes that the award can open even more doors.

Kristof Pieters
11-07-22, 18:06
11-07-22, 18:35

Her roots are in India, but Gita got to know her native country only 12 years ago. “I was adopted, and when I turned 30 and wanted to start having children myself, I took the step to go to India,” she says. “I did volunteer work in the orphanage there. During my stay, I got to know the culture of chai latte. Everyone, from the poor man on the street to the businessman, stops by the local chai stalls several times a day. Back home, I could not find the same quality of chai in our country. That triggered me to import it myself and marked the start of Chalo, which literally means ‘let’s go’.”

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