This was World of Coffee | Milan Recap

We know World of Coffee Milan already seemed ages ago, but…we had such a blast it only seems fair to share our funky after movie with our Chalotribe. It definitely was a journey.

The drive to Milan – 3 determined ladies in a truck filled to the brim with Chalo goodies – was not only giggles and laughs. After the hard reality of the Gotthard tunnel being closed, we had to conquer Gotthard pass in the middle of the night, after 6 hours of driving already behind us. With the necessary fright and the help of Daphne’s amazing driving skills we took the Gotthard Pass and made it safely to Milan. After a night of no sleep and roads that would make you weak in the knees – we arrived at the MiCo, where we immediately had to give our super important pitch for the Best New Product competition.

Here Gita made a compelling and enticing pitch about our range of iced teas and especially our newest flavour - our Lemon Ginger Iced Chai. And...last but definitely not least, we had to build up the stand. Not the easiest build-up in our years of fairs and events since our stand was built all wrong. But, we made it, and in the end, it looked pretty good, if we say so ourselves.

The next day we were ready to expand our Chalotribe and create meaningful relationships with new potential partners. With 11 000+ attendees and 349 other exhibiting companies showcasing their products - we had an amazing time learning about coffee and the industry, teaching and spreading the Chalo way of life.

With the cherry on top - our award for Best New Product - we could definitely say World of Coffee 2022 was a big success and we look forward to exploring Greece next year!