On the roadLetters from our founder | part 1

On the road again,meeting potential partners,learning new aspects about the coffee (related) industry,discovering the story of becoming legendary coffee brands and roasters,getting a virtual coffee scene tour from the insiders,and encountering chai (latte) on every speciality coffee menu.

It moves me to see that this fascinating Indian drink is slowly becoming a must-have on each hot beverage menu which has always been my mission since I wrote the business idea for the entrepreneurial competition Bizidee vzw in 2012.

With ambition like this,we can not stay quiet, keep working in the dark,I feel it is & will forever be our responsibilityto step into the arena & shed a lighton our ambition, our brand & especially our values.

Grateful for how far we've come, where we are now & the journey that lays ahead.

I wish you a very exciting heart-warming chai drinking weekend.

Cheers x x x, Gita