The working week can be long; that’s a given. Even the smallest gesture to support colleagues or employees can help them get through the week more easily and happier. Providing snacks to them may seem trivial, but this small act can have a big effect. The benefits can be infinite, so don’t underestimate the power of an office snack box!

TIP 3 – Create an on-brand space that sparks creativity

Mental health has been “the” talking point the last couple of years – but how can you make sure your employee’s mental well-being is taken care of? Well, by doing little things, ensure your colleagues are comfortable in the workspace. Breaks are very important to reduce stress and fatigue and to have a little mental reset and relax. An in-house space that provides the comfort of seating and relaxation while still being “on-brand” could be an excellent way to spark new innovation and creation. Combine this with your colleagues’ favourite snacks, and before you know it, you may have your next big idea.

TIP 4 – Make it an engagement hot spot

Team meetings in stuffy meeting rooms? So outdated, so tiresome. With a beautiful snacking space within reach, why not move your team meetings? Create more engagement by ensuring your colleagues and employees feel free to be open and speak their minds. An informal space within the company is the perfect way to spark conversation and maybe get people out of their own heads and comfort zone. Add delicious snacks tailored to everybody’s cravings, and you’ll open up the floor to brand new discussions and opportunities.

TIP 5 – Get the team involved

Everybody wants to be heard and valued; by asking your colleagues for advice regarding snack suggestions, you know you are on the right track to providing a snack for everybody. Get them involved with the following pro tips:

  • Add a snack of the month that highlights one of your colleagues’ favourite snacks. Maybe even do a little Q&A to ask them what they love about it.
  • At the beginning of your snack adventure – do a little survey to make sure you stock up on the most beloved snacks in the office.
  • Add a bulletin with little “fait divers” where people can make little announcements or give you feedback on the snacks they want to add or swap out.


TIP 1 – Choose a designated “Snack box master”

Nothing is worse than wanting a snack and finding the cupboard empty. To avoid this and ensure your snack station is always operational and full of delicious nibbles, make sure someone is responsible for replenishing the snack station. The snack box master will be considered an authority in the snack box arena and will be the force necessary to still office hunger and snack cravings. This fun task is perfect for every foodie looking to explore new snack options and provide the team with innovative and funky snacks.

TIP 2 – A mix of indulgence and healthy snacks

At Chalo we believe in a healthy mix between indulgence and “good-for-you”-products. Once in a while, you need to treat yourself with something sweet (and maybe not so healthy) to survive a difficult work day. With our sweet & salty snacks we try to cater to that indulgent side, but to still provide “healthier” options to your standard grocery store junk food.


Get everybody hyped and ready with their favourite sweet(heart). The Funky Chunks keep you and your employees/colleagues energized and satisfied to make Monday a great start! Based on dried fruits, nuts & seeds make them a great, protein-rich alternative for every office’s sweets cupboard.


Our Salty Peas are our innovative alternative for addictive potato crisps. In order to lower the threshold for you to eat a little bit less unhealthy stuff, we have replaced the fried potato with rich in protein pulses such as chickpeas, green peas, edamame and beans. Of course, we kept the crunch & the familiar tastes that you’re used to! Seems like the perfect afternoon snack, don’t you think?