Lemon & Ginger Iced Chai


This particularly fresh combination will make you dream away on sun-drenched beaches. The spicy…

Iced Chai Discovery Box – 4 flavours, 4 servings


Stop the hesitation! Try all 4 flavours and pick your favourite afterwards!

Blueberry Iced Chai - iced tea

Blueberry Iced Chai


Stay hydrated with this refreshing burst of blueberry flavoured iced tea, full of antioxidants.

Strawberry Iced Chai - iced tea

Strawberry Iced Chai


Sweet, ohh sweet chai of mine. Who doesn’t love strawberries? Well, our Strawberry iced chai will…

Lemon Iced Chai - iced tea

Lemon Iced Chai


When life gives us lemons, you better make some delicious Lemon Iced Chai. Fresh & fruity to…

Iced Chai Party Kit


Buy 2 flavours Chalo Iced Chai for yourself & give 1 as a gift! Now…only needs to be decided…

Dare To Indulge – 9 Flavours in 1 delicious set


Ready for the Ultimate Chalo Chai set? All your favorite (iced) chai in one Funky & Indulgent…

Blueberry Iced Chai – 1KG


Leave your customers hydrated  & refreshed with this refreshing burst of blueberry flavored…

Lemon Iced Chai – 1KG


When life gives you lemons, you better make some delicious Iced Chai and that’s what we did with…

Lemon & Ginger Iced Chai – 1KG


For our Chalo Chai lovers who like it cold (or hot), we’ve developed a convenient & clean…