Organic tri-colour rice kit


Get 3 of our best-sellers in one funky package! 3 kinds of rice to pimp all your dishes with nutty…

Organic Diced Figs


Sweet mild flavor , with endless application options, the Chalo Diced Figs are a great alternative…

Organic nutmix

Organic Nutmix


A perfect blend of all your favorite nuts. Chalo mixed cashew nuts, almonds and walnuts for a…

Organic Sunflower Seeds


Perfect to snack raw, as a topping for yogurts or as an ingredient for granolas and bread. The…

Organic Golden Flaxseeds


Ideal on fruit, porridge, and cereals in a grounded way.

Organic Walnuts

Organic Walnuts


The Walnuts are perfect for preparing savoury and sweet dishes like chocolates, cakes, cereals,…

Organic White Quinoa (BE origin)


Chalo's top of the bill, organic Belgian white quinoa! Homegrown and the perfect nutty base for all…

Organic Medium White Kidney Beans


White beans are the cameleons of the pulses, very quickly taking up flavors of other ingredients…

Organic Oatflakes

Organic Oatflakes


Oat flakes are among the healthiest grains on earth. They are an important element diversified…

Organic Red Jasmine Rice


This long-grain unmilled rice with red bran has a nuttier, more complex flavor than regular rice.…