Funky Chunks Cashew Caramel 20*32gr sweet snack

Funky Chunks Cashew Caramel – 20 * 32GR


Get 20 packs of your favorite Funky Chunks, sweet & healthy snacks in a funky carton! Still the…

Funky Chunks Cashew Caramel sweet snack

Funky Chunks – Cashew & Caramel *32 gr


A yummy sweet treat and the perfect snack for everyone, from a certified sweety to a busy body.…

Funky Chunks Pomegranate Nuts sweet snack

Funky Chunks – Pomegranate & Nuts *32 gr


Do you want big, bold and delicious? Well, buckle up and try our Pomegranate & Nuts Chunk.

Funky Chunks Sesame & Cranberry

Funky Chunks – Sesame & Cranberry *32 gr


Perfect for the daily energy boost, the Sesame & Cranberry is great on-the-go!

Funky Chunks - Pumpkin Raisin

Funky Chunks – Pumpkin & Raisin *32 gr


Treat yourself with this delicious snack for every season.   Our Pumpkin & Raisin chunk is…