Funky Chunks – Pomegranate & Nuts – 20 * 32 gr


This bold and healthy snack will give you the delicious, nutty boost that gets you through the day.


Get 20 packs of your favorite Pomegranate & Nuts Chunks, sweet & healthy snacks in a funky carton! Still the perfect size but just more!

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Do you want big, bold and delicious? Well, buckle up and try our Pomegranate & Nuts Chunk. This nutty mix is all about impact and being as delicious and vibrant as could be. Highly nutritional and full of fibers, this healthy snack will give you the ultimate boost to get you through the day!

1 Pack = 4 Funky Chunks 20 flow packs of 32gr in one handy-dandy box. The perfect option to never run out of your favorite chunks & to always have a healthy snack within arms reach.

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