Lemon Iced Chai


When life gives us lemons, you better make some delicious Lemon Iced Chai. Fresh & fruity to enjoy your day!


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When life gives you lemons, you better make some delicious Iced Chai and that’s what we did with our fresh, fruity, and funky Lemon Iced Chai!

Tart lemon flavour in a yummy, sweet and delicious Iced Tea premix gives you that necessary boost of freshness. It’s refreshing and great for hot summer days and even those cold winter evenings! Because who doesn’t want an extra dose of vitamins?


Our Chalo Iced Chai‘s are thé funky alternative for iced teas. The Chalo premix powder is the perfect base for your very own homemade Iced teas. Our iced chais are based on jaggery, a 100% natural and unrefined cane sugar. Deliciously sweet and based on flavours directly from the fruit itself. Just dissolve the powder in a bit of hot water, add cold water and ice cubes …and enjoy!

  • 100% Natural
  • Vegan
  • Fresh & Fruity

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Jar, Refill bag

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