Organic tri-colour rice kit


Get 3 of our best-sellers in one funky package! 3 kinds of rice to pimp all your dishes with nutty grains.

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Very rich in fibers, gut-friendly, and cholesterol-reducing.
The Chalo Long grain brown rice is the perfect basis for all kinds of dishes. Try it with your favourite curry recipe or just as a base for a funky grain salad!


Bring 1 cup of rice to the boil with a pinch of salt in 2 cups of water. Cook the rice over low heat for 25 minutes. Leave for 10 minutes with the lid on.


100% Organic long grain brown rice

brown long grain rice

The former ‘the forbidden rice’, got this mystery name for the rich nutrients which made it into a luxury product which was only served to the royal families and the Asian Emporers.

Same nutrients, top-quality, and now directly available for our royals, our lovely Chalitos! Hence this high-end organic black rice still requires very specific conditions for optimum growth, the product has become available in more markets. One of the few regions that provide all these requirements is Vietnam, where they call it Khaw -Hom-Nil which stands for Áromatic Black Onyx Rice’.

When you have cooked, the product spreads an aromatic whiff, which resembles the jasmine infusion tea


Cook 1 cup of organic black Jasmin rice in 2.5 cups of boiling water with a pinch of salt. You could add some olive oil or butter for an extra creamy taste. Let the rice cook for 15 minutes on a low temperature.

Black rice is high in antioxidants, contains anti-inflammatory properties, and therefore is more gut-friendly and beneficial for coeliac patients. Free delivery as from 30 euro.


100% Organic black jasmine rice

The Chalo Organic Red Jasmine rice is unmilled rice with red bran has a nuttier, more complex flavour than regular rice. Its generous shape and rosy colour make it a wonderful choice for full-flavoured dishes that need a bit of pazazz.


Rinse and let the rice well for 1 hour for optimal texture. Add 1 cup of red rice to 2.5 cups of boiling water for 15 minutes. Add some olive oil or butter for an extra creamy taste.


100% Organic red jasmine rice

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