Lemongrass Chai affogato with Coconut ice cream

Affogato, hmmm, a delicious dessert where you drown your favourite ice cream in espresso. One of Italy's most incredible desserts. We've made it a touch more exotic with an extraordinary combination of our Lemongrass chai and refreshing coconut ice cream. The perfect spoonable dessert for summer.

Cardamon Banana Powercookies

Cardamon Banana Powercookies

These Chalo Cardamom chai cookies only contain good things. They will give you loads of energy, you will be unstoppable.

Morrocan meatballs with cardamom & feta

Comfort food in a quick, easy & healthy package. These cute meatballs with our Chalo Cardamom Chai are ideal in every situation.

Chalo Chai Masala Curry

Chalo Chai Masala Curry

Feel the Indian vibe with the chai masala curry


Oh no, another load of overripe bananas, now what? Well, a slice of tasty banana bread is always a good solution! This quick and easy recipe will leave you craving for more and contains a necessary dose of Chalo Vanilla chai that takes the recipe to the next level. You'll also find a load of walnuts in this recipe for a nice crunch. Ready for the perfect banana bread? Yes, please!

Chalo chai risotto

Chalo Chai Mushroom Risotto

This creamy mushroom dish feels like a warm hug in your stomach!

The Chalo Ziggy

Want to add pizazz to classic cocktails? Easy – give them a blueberry iced chai twist. It’s never too early in the week for these delicious drinks.

Goat cheese & cardamon chai Samosa's

Goat cheese & cardamon chai Samosa’s

Having a dinner party shouldn’t take tons of time. That’s why this little appetizer is the perfect recipe for a quick, easy and over-the-top delicious addition to your party! No more hassling & worrying about those fancy schmancy dishes.

Overnight Oats Caramel chai

Healthy Caramel Chai Overnight Oats

Healthy, vegan and super quick to make. What more do you want? It's perfect for that person with no time in the morning, you can just make it the night before and have a tasty breakfast in the morning. OR you can have it as dessert with your friend.

Chalo Chai Apple cupcake

Chalo Masala Chai Apple Cupcakes

Up your cupcake game with this amazing combination.

Dirty Chai Latte Chalo Ice cream

Dirty Chai Chalo Ice cream

Eat your icecream dirty, yet delicious

lemongrass chai latte cocktail

Lemongrass & Coco Cocktail

When you close your eyes with this refreshing drink, you immediately feel the holiday spirit!

Summer Lentil salad with crispy salmon

This main-dish salad is bright, fresh, and sunny, like a little postcard from Provence on a cold day.

Chalo Cardamom Walnut Carrot Cupcakes

Up your cupcake game with this amazing combination of heart-warming cardamom chai and organic walnuts with a carrot cake base.

Chalo chai latte

So how do you prepare this true Hug in a Mug?

Chai Spiced Pumpkin Bars

Create delicious no-bake pumpkin bars. This chai-tastic snack is nothing more than a tender & nutty…

Vanilla Chai White Russian

Cold summer nights will never have felt hotter with this delicious White Russian in your hand. For whatever reason, this seems more like an after-dinner kind of drink, but obviously, you can serve it any time of day. It would be a great brunch cocktail too.

Rosé-poached pear tart with chai custard

Chai now, ...Rosé later - The perfect tart for every girl's night or Rosé lover! Spoil your girlfriends with this easy-to-make, super delicious Pear Tart!

Crunchy crispy Belgian quinoa salad with lentils

What’s it called when you want something that tastes really, really good… but is also basically a high pile of fresh, vibrant, feel-good-in-your-body vegetables? You call it a crunchy crispy Quinoa Salad, that’s what you call it.

Cardamom Chai & Coconut pudding

Cardamom Chai & Coconut pudding

BBQ season is coming up & what a better time to do a quick & easy dessert with chai! Yum...delicious!

Dirty Chalo Chai Energy Bites

Dirty Chalo Chai Energy Bites

In need of that ultimate energy kick in the morning? Try these dirty chai energy bites and get on the healthy bandwagon. Feeling happy, healthy and energized all day!

Masala chai creamsicle

Masala Chai Creamsicles

Yummy, easy to make creamicles with amazing chai flavour! Perfect to make on hot and funky summer…

Lemongrass Chai Rice Pudding With Coconut Milk

Lemongrass Chai Rice Pudding With Coconut Milk

This simple, refreshing & yummy rice pudding is quick & easy, making you believe you're on a tropical destination. Ideal in the morning, it's also vegan & delicious as a dessert.

Chalo DIY Hummus Dip

Who doesn't love a good portion of hummus on an apero night!

Mini Blueberry Iced Chai Galettes

These Mini Blueberry Iced Chai Galettes are perfect for a quick dessert. Gooey little galettes filled with a tart, scrumptious blueberry filling. They’re perfectly crisp, flaky, and delicious. These impressive little bites are so easy to make and will be a crowd pleaser for sure.

Cherry chai oatmeal cookies

They’re crispy, tender, buttery oatmeal cookies filled with our Chalo Cherry chai jam and pumpkin seeds.

Venice beach Chalo Vanilla Frappé

Chalo Vanilla Chai Frappé

Frappé season is finally here! Our funky #Chalotribe member Venice Beach BE gives you their funky feel-good recipe for the perfect Vanilla Frappé!

Popcorn Chai Marshmallow Bars

Popcorn Chai Marshmallow Bars

Yummy, sticky & super indulgent, these fluffy marshmallow bars are ideal to satisfy the munchies.

Vanilla Chai Spiced Apple Cake

Vanilla Chai Spiced Apple Cake

Not your ordinary apple cake!

Coconut & chickpea curry

A delicious and healthy Chickpea Coconut Curry that is vegan and gluten-free! Made with the organic CHALO Chickpeas.

Vegan Carrot Cake (Raw Bake)

Packed with healthy ingredients and no oven required. What more could a person want? Discover this super simple carrot cake recipe, perfect to make with the family!

Chalo Chocolate figs and chia pudding

This chia pudding is delicious on its own—and even better when layered with maple yogurt as a…

Brothy borlotti bean salad with sundried tomatoes

Get brothy and sunny with this delicious bean salad with sundried tomatoes. There is often so little time to get dinner on the table, and that's when a healthy side like this Borlotti Bean Salad can make the perfect meal.

Chalo Chia Pudding with diced figs, fresh mango & pineapple

Chia Pudding with diced figs, fresh mango & pineapple

A super simple and delicious breakfast. Perfect for everybody who has little to no time in the mornings, but who loves a healthy, filling breakfast.

Cherry Chai jam

This simple, soft-set Cherry Jam is made with just 4 ingredients and will leave you wanting more. It tastes out of this world good, with a yummy hint of Masala chai! Perfect way to start the day.

Black and Red Rice Salad with Roasted Squash

The kind of salad that will convert anyone to being a salad lover, because it’s filled with spiced roasted butternut squash, pomegranates, rice made for kings, and delicious walnuts.

The Chalo Lemon Iced Chai Cocktail

The Chalo Lemon Iced Chai Cocktail

Cocktails, cocktails, cocktails! This easy cocktail will be the star at your next get-together. Forget classics! Try this new Chalo recipe and let your funky side loose! Enjoy it with your BBF or make a whole bunch to serve all your friends!

Golden Cranberry Pistachio truffles

These white chocolate truffles are super cute and an all-day, everyday kind-of dessert if you like a no-bake option. Adorable little golden truffles speckled with pieces of bright red cranberries and green pistachio contain a delicious dose of our Chalo Golden Chai and with that, they don’t contain any added refined sugar.

Chalo’s Strawberry Bellini

Drinks like mimosas and bellinis are also great when you want something with less alcohol but still a little fancy-feeling later in the day. This strawberry bellini, also called a "Rossini", is a tasty variation that's perfect for spring and summer. So much so, I might have to try them more often.

Black Rice dressing, a salad

This savoury black rice dish is the ultimate gluten-free stuffing and doubles as a delicious grain salad with lots of fresh herbs.