Lemon & Ginger Iced Chai


This particularly fresh combination will make you dream away on sun-drenched beaches. The spicy…

Funky Chunks – Cashew & Caramel – 15 * 8gr


A yummy sweet treat and the perfect snack for everyone, from a certified sweety to a busy body. 15…

Funky Chunks – Pomegranate & Nuts – 15 * 8gr


Do you want big, bold and delicious? Well, buckle up and try our Pomegranate & Nuts Chunk. 15…

Funky Chunks – Mix – 3 Flavours – 15 chunks


Get 15 singles of your favourite Funky Chunks, sweet & healthy snacks in a funky sachet! The…

Funky Chunks – Pumpkin & Raisin – 15 * 8gr


Treat yourself to this delicious snack for every season. 15 of our perfect little chunks in one…

Organic DIY Granola kit


An organic DIY Granola with ingredients straight from the source, all organic and all sourced with…

golden turmeric chai

Golden Turmeric Chai


A heart-warming drink full of hidden power, for moments with a golden edge.

Indian Chai - Award-winning Masala Chai latte

Award-winning Masala Chai Latte


The authentic Chai Latte recipe, straight from the streets of India! This award-winning premix…

Indian Chai - Chini Masala Chai latte 20% less sugar

Chini Masala Chai Latte – Less guilt, more spice


Less guilt, same punch! More black tea, more spice, and less sugar!

Indian Chai - Cardamom Chai latte

Cardamom Chai Latte


Spice lovers unite! This extremely warm, bitter & sweet chai will get you hooked in a sip.