Chocolate cake – Vegan Instant mix

The mix is ideal to always have at home, so you can have a delicious…

Frøcrackers – Vegan Instant mix

A sunflower seed cracker that will blow you away! No, it is not an…

Mac No Cheese Sauce – Vegan Instant mix

Instant mix for a delicious and cheesy sauce based on cashew nuts. Very…

Stew – Vegan Instant mix

A well-balanced spiced 'one pot' stew (or stew) based on quinoa, mung…

Crumpets – Vegan Instant mix

Once you go crumpets on a Sunday morning, you never go back to regular…

Falafel – Vegan Instant mix

The mix is ideal to always have at home so that you can prepare delicious…

Indian Chai - Cardamom Chai latte
Cardamom Chai Latte

Spice lovers unite! This extremely warm, bitter & sweet chai will get…

Indian Chai - Lemongrass Chai latte
Lemongrass Indian Chai Latte

Refreshing thrilling and a touch of sweet & sour! Filled to the brim…

organic masala slow chai latte
Organic Unsweetened Masala Slow Chai

Healthy purists will enjoy brewing our unsweetened Organic Slow Masala…

Turmeric organic slow chai latte
Organic Unsweetened Turmeric Slow Chai

Spice up your life with a cup of gold! Organic and unsweetened, that's our…