Funky Chunks Mixed display 20*32gr

Funky Chunks – Mixed Carton – 20 * 32 gr

45.00 41.50

Get 20 packs of your favorite Funky Chunks, sweet & healthy snacks in a funky carton! Still the…

Salty Peas – Mixed Carton – 3 * each flavor


Get your favorite savory snacks, the Salty Peas in beautiful & funky packing.

Chai latte 3 flavour package

‘Me, Myself & a Friend’ Chai Kit

29.95 28.50

"Buy 2 flavors Chalo Chai Latte for yourself & give 1 as a gift! Now…only needs to be decide…

All chai lattes & iced teas

Dare To Indulge – Set


Ready for the Ultimate Chalo Chai set? All your favorite (iced) chai in one Funky & Indulgent…

Indian Chai - Chini Masala Chai latte 20% less sugar

Chini Masala Chai Latte – Less guilt, more spice


Less guilt, same punch! More black tea, more spice, and 20% less sugar!

Indian Chai - Cardamom Chai latte

Cardamom Chai Latte


Spice lovers unite! This extremely warm, bitter & sweet chai will get you hooked in a sip.

Blueberry Iced Chai - iced tea

Blueberry Iced Chai


Stay hydrated with this refreshing burst of blueberry flavored iced tea, full of antioxidants.…

Chai Discovery Box - 5 flavors chai latte

Chai Discovery Box – 5 flavors, 5 servings


Stop the hesitation! Try all 5 flavors and pick your favorite afterward!