Salty Peas – BBQ Edamame

The finger-licking barbecue flavored edamame is rich in taste and suitable…

Apple cake – Vegan Instant mix

How accessible can vegan be? So accessible. The mix is ideal to have…

organic masala slow chai latte
Organic Unsweetened Masala Slow Chai

Healthy purists will enjoy brewing our unsweetened Organic Slow Masala…

Lemon Iced Chai - iced tea
Lemon Iced Chai

When life gives us lemons, you better make some delicious Lemon Iced Chai.…

Blueberry Iced Chai - iced tea
Blueberry Iced Chai

Stay hydrated with this refreshing burst of blueberry flavoured iced tea,…

Salty Peas – Wasabi Beanworks

Hot and tasty, that’s our Wasabi Beanworks mix. This yummy mix of Edamame,…

Chocolate cake – Vegan Instant mix

The mix is ideal to always have at home, so you can have a delicious…

Salty Peas – Black Pepper Chickpeas

Step aside hummus, Chalo found a new way to honor chickpeas in their…

Lemon & Ginger Iced Chai – 1KG

For our Chalo Chai lovers who like it cold (or hot), we’ve developed a…

Chai latte assortment - 5 flavours of chalo chai
Chalo Chai Latte Starter Kit – 7* 300 gr

Try our full monty! This box contains 1 package of each of our Chalo Chai…