Funky Chunks - Pumpkin Raisin

Funky Chunks – Pumpkin & Raisin *32 gr


Treat yourself with this delicious snack for every season.   Our Pumpkin & Raisin chunk is…

Funky Chunks - Sesame Cranberry - 20 * 32 gr

Funky Chunks – Sesame & Cranberry – 20 * 32 gr

40.00 35.00

Get 20 packs of your favorite Sesame & Cranberry Chunks, sweet & healthy snacks in a funky…

Funky Chunks Sesame & Cranberry

Funky Chunks – Sesame & Cranberry *32 gr


Perfect for the daily energy boost, the Sesame & Cranberry is great on-the-go!

Funky Chunks Cashew Caramel 20*32gr sweet snack

Funky Chunks Cashew Caramel – 20 * 32GR

50.00 47.00

Get 20 packs of your favorite Funky Chunks, sweet & healthy snacks in a funky carton! Still the…

Black Jasmine Rice - Front_web

Organic Black Jasmine Rice


The former ‘the forbidden rice’, got this mystery name for the rich nutrients which made it into a…

Organic Cacao Nibs


Cacao nibs are the perfect additions to your day. A nutty flavor, low in sugar and full of fibers!…

Organic Chia Seeds


Chia is the ancient Maya word for strength, referring to their ability to provide sustainable…

Organic Chickpeas 8mm


Do it yourself hummus? The Chalo organic Chickpeas will become your new best friend!

Organic Dark Green Speckled Lentils


Perfect for salads, dahls or stuffing for roasted vegetables. The Chalo Organic Lentils have a…

organic almonds

Organic Almonds


The Chalo almonds are high in healthy, unsaturated fats, fiber & protein. Usually malleable in…