In an exquisite pairing with our Chai, Chalo is introducing a funky alternative for biscuits and chocolates in our range of Funky Chunks. 4 different kind of sweet snacks based on healthy bakery ingredients, dried fruits & nuts!



Have a funky chunk on-the-go. The perfect sweet snacks to take with you when you're conquering the world! Not up for going outside? Use them to pimp your breakfast with the necessary crunch or give guests the ultimate sweet snack with their cup of coffee/chai.


4 Funky flavors


Being packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, our Cashew & Caramel Chunk is the perfect snack for people with a busy work schedule! This yummy vegan treat will get every sweet tooth buzzing.


Do you want big, bold and delicious? Well, buckle up and try our Pomegranate & Nuts Chunk. This nutty mix is all about impact and being as delicious and vibrant as could be. Highly nutritional and full of fibers, this healthy snack will give you the ultimate boost to get you through the day!


Our Pumpkin & Raisin chunk is the perfect sweet treat for every season (not just chilly fall days)! Keep up your healthy lifestyle with this high protein, vegan and organic snack based on pumpkin and raisin. Both pack some powerful healthy perks — like keeping heart health, vision and they give you a powerful boost of energy!


Light, easy to digest and great on the go, that’s our Sesame & Cranberry Chunk! Highly rich in magnesium, sesame seeds contain a huge amount of vitamins and minerals. So creating the ultimate snack for an energy boost in the middle of the day!