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Ready for the Ultimate Chalo Chai starter kit? All our chai premix powders in 1KG packaging, ready to serve your customers their favourite Hug in a mug in no time!

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This set contains 1 product from every Chalo Chai Latte flavour in their 1KG packaging! Discover all these delicious flavours one by one and let your customers try their favourite flavours! Chalo Golden Chai Latte Finally, the time has come to complete our funky chai range with a real golden latte. With this golden magic potion, the Indian grandmothers have been making all kinds of owies disappear for centuries. Attention, Chalo’s new golden child is not for fools. It’s not just a milk drink, but we’re going vegan all the way. Passion, filled to the brim with turmeric, black tea, cassia and a spark of black pepper.

Chalo Masala Chai Latte

The authentic Chai Latte recipe, straight from the streets of India! In Hindi Masala means mixture of spices. Our top-chai consists of black tea and herbs that also use the Indian Chai-wallahs in authentic Indian recipe: ginger, cardamom, cinnamon and black pepper.

Chalo Lemongrass Chai Latte

Refreshing thrilling and a touch of sweet & sour. Filled to the brim with that good stuff. For a unique and innovating taste, try our Lemongrass Chai Latte with coconut soy milk!

Chalo’s Cardamom Chai Latte

Spice lovers unite! This extremely warm, bitter & sweet chai will get you hooked in a sip. The spicy cardamom is widely used in Indian cuisine. Our Cardamom Chai Latte has soft and sharp aromas & taste spicy and hot for some! Passionate Chalito’s will definitely appreciate this chai!

Chalo’s Vanilla Chai Latte

Specially designed for the sweetie peas! Everybody likes vanilla! And we’re sure you’ll love our sweetest member of our chai family! It smells like fresh baked cookies and tastes even better!


Chai Latte is a traditional Indian drink of black tea, a mix of cool spices, a dash of sugar & a splash of milk! We’ve developed 5 funky flavours containing a variety of spices and above all, they taste de-li-cious! There is no milk in the Chalo Chai Latte’s so you’re able to use the milk of your very own preference: skinny, fatty, dairy, vegany, cowy, horsey, ricy, soy-y, coconutty,.. Whichever kind of milk you would like or are able to dream about! Not up for it yet? Expect our Chai Latte to taste spicy, sweet, soft and strong at the same time! Just taste it, it’ll be worth it!


Jaggery, black tea extract (8.2%), maltodextrin, masala extract (1.1%)

“One of our favourite

drinks on our menu is

the dirty chai latte,

a normal chai topped

off with a shot of

espresso. So tasty!”

Owner of Ooja coffee bar

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